Strategic Talent Management & Mentor-ship

Your company must remain competitive. Additionally, successfully keeping, training, and hiring high caliber staff is essential. Creating a talent management plan encompasses all facets of human resources. It entails identifying gaps in your current workforce, hiring personnel, on-boarding them, providing them with training, and assisting in their advancement within your company. In order to ensure that your company has the best employees to contribute to the success of your business, effective monitoring and track development at each stage of the employee's life cycle, you need an understanding friend like sokobazaar who will help you walk every step along the way with already experienced mentors for almost at free fair cost. If you are an experienced and talented mentor, you can join our MENTOR-SHIP CLUB free.

Our model of mentor-ship is of its own kind whereby, we offer consultation to new firms as well as mentoring for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as ongoing, seasoned, and corporate businesses.


The trainings are mainly on business nourishment referred to us as “business clinics”. We consult start-ups, mentor-ship for young entrepreneurs, on-going businesses, mature businesses and corporations.

Group of Categories for our trainings/consultancy

  • Individual business people (solo proprietor)
  • Family businesses
  • Business investments (partnership, company)
  • Youth groups
  • Church organizations/groups
  • Saccos
  • Women groups
  • Men groups and investments
  • Corporates

Sokobazaar Consult provides a wide range of consultancy services as follows:

1, Business Start-up; e.g. creative business industry (IT, food, beauty, fashion, design, theater, video, events & content designing)

  • Stages of Business growth; inception, survival, growth, expansion, maturity
  • Identify your passion & niche market
  • Identify market gap/ Know your audience
  • Surround yourself with experts
  • Transforming of ideas into practical businesses (starting up a venture)
  • Overcoming financial, technological, legal, skills/experience, marketing & management challenges
  • Transition from MSMEs informal business into large formal company/corporation

2, Business Mentor-ship for Young Entrepreneurs

  • Develop a two-way learning experience & professional development
  • Share networks and networking opportunities
  • Provide ‘realistic optimism’, addressing mentee’s challenges & working towards solutions.
  • Help reveal blind spots the entrepreneur may have about their idea or business.
  • Nurture and develop a successful entrepreneur

3, Sustainable Multi-Generational Family Business

  • Succession planning practice (Steering wheel) Successors
  • Leadership practice (Speedometer) Board of directors
  • Family harmony practice (Fuel gauge) Meetings
  • Strategic planning practice (Compass) Strategic plan
  • Financial management practice (Radar) Wealth creation & preservation

4, Corporate Training Consultancy

  • Goal Setting & Strategic thinking
  • Corporate Bonding and Team Building
  • Organization Culture Change
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership development
  • Customer Care
  • Records Management & E-Solutions Consultancy

5, Strategic Marketing and Branding Advisory Services

  • Understanding ground status; market audit/feasibility study (interest or gaps)
  • Business & market planning; goal Setting
  • Establishing target buyers or voters
  • Developing campaign message
  • Developing buyers or voters contact plan
  • Making it happen


6, Research and Development

  • Undertake corporate baseline survey on work environment, employees and customer satisfaction
  • Data profiling and market survey at the national, community and organizational levels
  • Performing study and research on concepts, models and new methods of operations and management in organizations
  • Performing surveys on the policies and to provide better solutions
  • Performing study on the effects of regulations on the firms or organizations
  • Performing research on potential and unknown issues of industries or sectors
  • Providing database for industries or sectors
  • Performing surveys on social, economic and  political needs

7. Monitoring & Evaluation for Accountability & Learning (Meal)

  • Determining performance indicator; assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the management and the accountability mechanisms
  • Establishing evidence base and capacity building; Carrying needs assessment and demand for the product among targeted users to ensure relevance, effectiveness, usefulness and value for money.
  • Setting up a monitoring framework and a monitoring plan; starting from the basics: choice of indicators, data collection techniques and sampling, data management and analysis
  • Use of M&E application tools to capture, analyze and give appropriate result
  • Determining the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability: Assessing impact, real time, external vs internal, mid-term/final, project vs program (evaluation)
  • Establishing a specific focus on feedback and complaints mechanisms on how to engage beneficiaries through participation, representation, information sharing etc. during project design, implementation and monitoring. (accountability)
  • Determining lesson learned / promoting uptake and use of performance M&E results capture lessons learnt and good practices (learning)


8, Life Guidance & Coaching

  • Career growth & development
  • Character formation
  • Self-awareness and identity/ (traits swot)
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Values Alignment
  • Originality & Image branding
  • Habits & Routines
  • Behavior Consistency
  • Networking & Boundaries
  • Communication
  • Establishing Priorities
  • Work/Life Balance (human wellness)
  • Expressing Feelings
  • Confidence & Perseverance

  • Social Media Manager
  • Online Tutor
  • Academic work
  • Bookkeeper
  • Personal Trainer
  • Online Beauty Advisor
  • Online Recruiter
  • Email Marketer
  • Freelance Writer
  • Proofreader
  • Website Designer
  • Instagram Influencer
  • SEO Expert
  • Facebook Ads Specialist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Voice-over Artist
  • Stock Photographer
  • Data Entry Worker
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Music Reviewer
  • Transcription
  • Chat Agent