About us



Sokobazaar is a company that has build a one stop online market place where all buyer and vendors meet using latest technology of a mobile app. Our platform is the most powerful and unique in the region (made by our people and for our people). This platform is already in your computers,mobile phones and Tablets and with a click of a button you are able to order and vendor anything you want without moving an inch.


We have being there for more than 15 years. Late 1990 the founding director of sokobazaar started his 1st hawking business with only ksh 3600 after his parent lacked enough money to help him pursue a degree course of his dream. Late year 2000, his business had already grown into a Multi-million business and already had travel to more than 5 western and eastern countries around the global doing business. Just to mention but a few of our achievement, we were the first company in mt. Kenya region to introduce a real car tracking solution that grew so well because of theft strategic recovery measures.


Our core Business is to actualize a consistent affordability (Best prices without compromising quality) of consumable for our people and by our people by way of connecting the already existing gap between the product producer and product consumer using local consumer groups networks, modern marketing engines and enterprenuer technologies

WHY MUST JOIN (Our Products):

1.Online Shopping Experience;
3.Online selling and marketing platforms;
4.Global and local Product out sourcing;
5.Entrepreneurship trainings and risk management tools and platforms;
6.Investment platform;


1.Register and Sign In As an individual but from a Group network of consumers to saver purchasing cash you have never saved in your life time.

2.Register and Sign In as a buying and selling agent to enjoy our bulk Shopping experience that will promote you to business tycoon without changing your current job.
3. Apply for a vendor plans that are set for our registered members and licenced traders only.
Trader's plan:

3.Apply for a job opportunity by Drop your application forms in our office or joining our self employment and entrepreneurship members programs.

4.Join in our Vestment club: Become a real investors by Own part of the Company through joining the investment club.Our Investment-policy are under development level.