It's Free

You receive more than just a storefront in a global marketplace when you become a merchant. An end-to-end wholesale service platform is provided to you, calibrated to support both the expansion of your business and the provision of services to your customers.

Make sure you have a seller's account set up with us before you begin selling. Simply apply for a Free  Seller Account on our website if you are an SMS business owner or individual seller _ and have not already created an account with us.
But if you are a significant retailer, a dealer, or a large business, you might need to build a fully functional internet store. Please click Here to learn more and launch your business and start selling.

Personalize your account

Depending on the type of business you operates, you may have a variety of selling packages/plans to pick from as a new seller. In relationship of the plan you pick and keeping in mind that registering up is completely free, you may allow SokoBazaar to vet you and your business, before you start selling as a seller on the sokobzaar  platform.

To establish confidence with your future customers, complete the Business Verification procedure after creating a seller account by following a few simple steps.

Another option is to hire a specialized account manager to guide you through the procedure.

What does business verification entail? The establishment of the legitimacy of your business/company's status and authorized contact person is made possible by Business Verification, a crucial part of seller membership.

Comparatively to seller accounts that didn't undergo a business verification, business verification increases customers' trust in you and their desire to do business with you.  

Showcase your goods 

It's crucial and easy to include in your store every item in your catalog. Find how easy to go about it

Your chances of appearing in search results for customers are increased when you have more products in your store.

As a result, you might gain more visibility and attract more clients.

Products can be added one at a time, or you can use the bulk upload option to speed things up.

The Intelligent Posting system uses AI to recommend methods to improve each listing as you add products based on how the algorithm functions and what customers are looking for on the website

Learn to sell

Before you learn how to sell, make sure you have a seller's account set up with us.

If you are an individual seller or owner of an SMS business and haven't already registered with us, just fill out the form for a Free Seller Account on our website.

However, if you run a sizable business, are a dealer, or a retailer of note, you might need to create a fully fledged online store.

To learn more, start your business, and start selling, just click Here. There are three simple steps to start selling your products on SokoBazaar  as a vendor:


Sell every where

To simply sell offline, online and sync across a website, social media platforms, online markets like Amazon, and in-person transactions, set up your sokobazaar store once. Start with one or test them all out. The best part is that sokobazaar updates the inventory levels for all of your stores instantly, keeping everything exactly in sync..

Its easy with technology

With easy-to-use design tools that can be customized, you can create a brand-new website from scratch in just five minutes, or you can easily add an online store to an already-existing one using technology that instantly mimics the look and feel of the existing website. Software installation and coding are not necessary.

To propel your business to the forefront of the worldwide marketplace, use the other management, marketing, and delivery options available on SokoBazaar e.g Mobile app,

With just a photo, you can add new products, publish them on Facebook and Instagram, accept payments straight in the app, handle orders from the palm of your hand, and get push notifications so you never miss a beat.

Communicate & market

Your potential customers will start contacting you after you list your products and services. With its actual B2B platform,, you can control the relationship with your clients by exchanging messages and haggling over rates.

Gone are the days of static email content. Every time an email is opened, sokobazaar 's dynamic emails accurately and instantly offer information ranging from alerts about abandoned carts to order status updates. Dynamic email helps you keep your customers informed

To unleash the power of marketing, use Mailchimp, online billboards, Facebook, Google Adds, and other services that are integrated into our platforms.

Maintain contact with customers

Trustworthy security sokobazaar E-commerce, a Level 1 Service Provider verified under PCI DSS, is the industry benchmark for e-commerce solutions globally. The same secure HTTPS methods that are employed by the major institutions in the world ensure that all credit card and transaction data is transmitted securely, protecting the privacy of both customers and merchants.

You can download the Sokobazaar mobile app to stay on top of all of your messages.In this manner, you'll always be aware of any new messages from potential clients. 


Keep your connections strong.

In contrast to many other B2B platforms, encourages you to interact with your clients and manage your connections. That suggests that you have access to the personal information and contact information of your potential clients.

To allow customers to explore and buy things from inside their preferred social media platforms, you can easily add and sell products on your Facebook and Instagram feeds. You need a URL for Tiktok, WhatsApp, YouTube, or any other network where you can sell goods. You are protected by us.

Use this to stay in touch with them, offer them deals, and keep their interest so they'll come back for more.


Boost sales

Take control of your sales by reviewing and optimizing for exposure, spend, average, user growth, store visits, queries, orders, and more using your dashboards of in-depth data.

Based on user trends and trends inside your account, the system will also advise improvements.



Establish a storefront

You may build a distinctive digital identity to help your company stand out and promote your products on by getting a multi-page store that is totally dedicated to your business.

No coding or design expertise is needed to put up your storefront.

Customers from all over the world may locate this one shop and view your brand and items since has automatically translated it into 18 different languages. Learn more

 Participate in online trade shows

Digital trade exhibits are a great way to show off your goods to motivated and interested customers.

Participate in a trade show as a keynote speaker or exhibitor to connect with a sizable audience on's social media platforms as well as a small group of people during closed-door sessions.

Embark in site-wide promotions

To accelerate growth, promote your items. Take your firm to the next level by utilizing marketing techniques to boost exposure and sales if you're prepared to grow even farther. 

Utilize a variety of advertising methods to assist you concentrate on your audience and broaden your exposure to the most motivated customers. learn more

Take part in any number of annual campaigns and promotions offered by to benefit from spikes in traffic and interest.


Know that you have support.

Connect with customer care that is available when you need it as well as a range of other service providers, such as those who offer website design services, optimal product posting, keyword suggestions, and more.