Sell and Earn

From global brands to local stands, sokobazaar connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world, empowering people and creating opportunity for all. You can earn for traffic you drive to a specific item if it results in a sale. 

Connects and get commissionable deals in real time 

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a referral program where sites pay commissions to affiliates who send traffic to their site that results in a sale.

In our case, sokobazaar’s partners send their users to shop the sokobazaar online marketplace. A percentage of those users will likely buy something after being referred to our site. And, once they do, our partner gets credit for that sale.

How it works

Unlike many other retailer affiliate programs, sokobazaar manages its own affiliate network, giving us the unique ability to provide partners with the tools, reports, and resources they need to succeed.

We create advertising banners for our affiliate. The affiliates place these banners on their resources (e.g Emails, social media or websites).

Our channel keeps full track & count of marketing events in connection with the banners. When the affiliate customers’ make purchase of the advertised product, the channel is automated to give a set commission to the affiliate intelligently and immediately. 

We also pay affiliate for attracting customers to our channel automatically, but under  agreed terms.

Affiliates can also view their event statistics in the customer area of sokobazaar channel. They will know their income from the affiliate program. This technology gives the affiliated partner sure bet of never losing his/her commission.

We provide our affiliates with the scoop on the best deals, promotions, and trends all over the globe. To benefit from these offers, use any of the tools outlined in Creating Affiliate Links.

How to become an affiliate:

In order to become an affiliate, one should specify the appropriate account type (e.g Affiliate) when registering on the editing profile page.

After the registration, one should wait for approve of the affiliate account by sokobazaar team. Once the account is approved one gets an email that redirect you to the approved account and then you can operate as a pointed affiliate of sokobazaar. Become an affiliates NOW..profiles.update.affiliae

How affiliate tracking work?

To track the activity and effectiveness of affiliate marketing, you need two things: an affiliate link and a cookie.

When you promote or send traffic to sokobazaar, you’ll use an affiliate link. An affiliate link includes a unique ID that we call a campaign ID. When someone clicks on your affiliate link, the Campaign ID gets stored in a browser cookie on that user’s computer or mobile device. The cookie contains several pieces of information to help us track their sokobazaar shopping activity after they click your link.

Our affiliate models

Sokobazaar created opportunities for a range of different affiliate partners, from individuals with a Facebook account or blog, to content review sites, deal aggregators, and app developers. As people continue to invent new ways to refer traffic to merchants, new models will surface, but here is a quick list of our current affiliate models that are popular, summarizing the primary promotional method.

1. Content (Blogging)

These publishers create valuable, unique content that is of interest to its visitors. Content sites include news and op-ed outlets, blogs, influencers, and review sites.

2. Email Marketing

These publishers send emails including deals, promotions, and products in which they think their customers might be interested.

3. Social Sharing

These publishers are typically one individual, or a group of individuals, that monetize their sphere of influence.

4. Tools & Mobile App

These publishers enhance or simplify the online shopping experience through browser extensions, downloadable software, and mobile applications. Many could also be considered loyalty & reward publishers.

5. Online Comparison Shopping (OCS)

These publishers aggregate product information from multiple retailers to enable customers to compare multiple products based on price, reviews, and features.

6. Product Listing Ads

These ads display more detailed information than standard text-based ads to encourage users to visit your website. They are also referred to as shopping ads and appear on various Google properties.

7.Loyalty & Rewards

These publishers provide either purchase rewards or incentives in the form of points, miles, cash back, or charitable contributions.

8. Deal & Coupon

These publishers aggregate and provide their visitors with coupons or deals on a merchant’s site.