Professional-Online Dealer's Selling Store:

An online marketing tool is crucial for your business success in the current times, since it will help you establish credibility as a trusted company. However, creating a modern, online marketing Channel can be very costly and time-consuming. To help make this easier for you, we provide a ready-to-use professional MERCHANT SELLING STORE in sokobazaar channel. We can help you to integrate your simple physical selling store with sokobazaar’s online marketing channel. Here, you can take advantages of a lot of online marketing and management tools from a single source, with easy integration of your product to give you a result-oriented success in your online selling.

Who is a Dealer?

Dealer's selling store is for well established companies whereby, the company book a micro store right inside sokobazaar channel as they take advantage of our already established digitized marketing channel. This help the dealers to promote their web-store and so their brand as a separate identity.

Micro stores contain:

  • Separate Mini Store for Every Dealer
  • Dealers company description
  • logo
  • products
  • Admin Panel
  • product filter for vendor items

What different dealers will be able to do deal with in their "Micro store"

Promotions for Dealers

Give our dealer more opportunities to boost their sales. Dealers can create their own catalog and cart promotions—offer free shipping, discounts, free products, coupon codes, and access to VIP user groups.

This feature greatly helps boost dealers’ sales and attract more clientele to their virtual shopping center. Dealers are also able to:-

  • Manage their orders, products, filters, options, and features
  • Add store administrator with different access levels to the management  panel
  • Add different informational pages, polls, forms, and links
  • View and manage store administrator account 
  • Set shipping methods and taxes
  • Choose currency and language
  • Import or export products and orders
  • Separate Сheckout by Dealers

How to join us as a dealer!

Process of onboarding as sokobazaar Merchant Dealer is easy:

When you hoover the caser on the “sell” a menu tab comes over and you can click on dealer to connect to the booking page where you select your package.

Fill out the registration form with all the key details and submit their requests. Our management staff has the right to approve/reject these onboarding requests.

After Approval the seller gets a personalized link of admin panel dashboard which he/she is free to login using the login details he/she registered with.

After login As a Merchant Selling is easy. Join our dealers Channel and build your own online marketing panel that drives your own brand to the global competitiveness.

Having a Separate Dealer Panel

We provide each dealer with a separate admin panel. This do allow the dealers to manage their own settings and products.

Dealers panels include just what dealers need and are able to modify everything in their online-channel. Dealer will not interfere with each other. Join us and become a dealer....

Showcase top items

Inspire your Store visitors to become buyers by showcasing your hottest items, best deals, and top categories.

Marketing banner - Show off your top items, great deals, or popular categories with these customizable banners.

Visual category navigation - Add a visual “shop by category” section using Store categories. You can add up to 6 categories, each with its own custom image.

Store Search - Visitors can search your Store with all the same filters and search tools available on sokobzaar general search. Detailed filters and search tools let your customers hone in on exactly what they’re looking for.

Build your customer base

See the tools and features you have to encourage new buyers to walk through your digital doorway and help turn them into repeat customers once they’re there.

Store newsletters - Build eye-catching, engaging newsletters in minutes with ready-made templates. Create and send custom campaigns to buyers who’ve signed up to get your newsletter.

Social sharing - Your Store has its own unique URL—share it on social media and in your own marketing channels to send new potential buyers right to your Store, drive repeat purchases, and build up your loyal customer base.