Auction Your Products

Once in a while, a products vendor may have some stock that they want to dispose off fast so that they can restock. This may be due to trends and fashion changes, need for space for newer items, or simply getting rid of old unmoving stock.

At such times, you may need an easy and convenient way of disposing such stock. A way that is attractive to potential buyers of the stock you want to get rid of. Here is where auctions come in handy.

At SokoBazaar, we have an auction feature that any registered seller/vendor can use to move stock fast through bidding. As a registered vendor, you get access to this feature, allowing you to sell out what you want to sell within the timelines that you set out for your auction.

So, whether you have a month end sale, clearance sale, special sales or just disposing old stock, simply become a vendor at SokoBazaar and the system will take care of this need for you.