Buying is easy!!

It’s easy to buy in sokobazaar but before you start buying you may decide to start by Window Shopping free of charge. This how you go about it:

a). Pick and drop into our comparison list box different products from different sellers to compare and make the right Choice.

 b). After the right choice, you may add the product into the wish list box or drop it into the cart and continue shopping.

After window shopping you may decide to buy and checkout as a gest or as  amember:

Checkout as a guest

You don't need a sokobazaar account to checkout as guest, but you’ll miss out on the benefits of being a member. 

Once you have found an Item to buy you can make an order by clinking “ Buy now with 1-click”,  fill in your shipping address, email address and phone number.You can also buy as a guest by clicking the Request call link on the storefront.

This way an order for the selected product will  be placed and the seller will contact you to discuss about the payment and shipment of the product.  

Checkout as a Member:  FIRST_ Know How To Register

Pick and drop your products to "Add to cart button".

Fill in your shipping address and address.

Complete your payment-email  information.

Select confirm and pay.

Payment methods

Sokobazaar features a number of payment methods. All these methods are aimed at making your shopping experience as convenient as possible. Choose payment method here !

Shipping methods

We have various delivery options. These include a pick up option where you order your items and collect them from the vendor yourself. Know more about shipping


To guarantee customer satisfaction, we offer free returns for the products that for some reasons did not met the customer's expectations.

You can create a return request right from your customer account. Open an account with us and start buying.

Security guarantee

Our shopping platform is highly secure. We use encrypted security for our website, with a matching security on our various payment options. While shopping with us, you can be sure that no private data that you supply on the site will reach any third party. You can also be sure that your payment information will remain safe and secure with us. Our site is also well protected and secured from possible hacks with SSL encryption, with very secure dedicated hosting servers to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

Online Soko-place

Want to shop online at your convenience? Sokobazaar is your choice online marketplace for this. Our online shop, which can be accessed either directly via, or via our sokomob app, boosts a wide range of items and products that you can buy easily from the comfort of your home. We have vendors across various niches who list products that you get at heavily discounted and wholesale prices that you can’t get out there. All listed items are also high quality, and all vendors are vetted to ensure only genuine products are listed on our platform.

Benefits of joining sokobazaar channel

  • Easy to  register an account via mobile or email,
  • Easy to set up filters of the catalog view
  • Easy to request a call back
  • Ability to leave a review or rate a product 
  • Ability to chat with vendors on the site
  • One can vote for a favorite product
  • Ability add an item to the cart, Wish List and comparison list
  • Ability to invite a friend as part of the affiliate program 
  • Ability to earn bonuses and share them with other customers