Vendors are only available in Multi-Vendor.

Use this section to adjust vendor settings for the administration panel and the storefront.

  • Display product vendor—if you enable this setting, the name of the product vendor will appear next to the product description.
  • Allow users to apply for vendor account—if you enable this setting, customers will be able to send the root administrator a request to become a vendor.
  • Automatically create the administrator account for the new approved vendor. (If the “Allow users to apply for vendor account” setting is enabled)—if you enable this setting, the company administrator will be automatically created together with the company.
  • Vendors per page—the number of vendors displayed on one page.

Starting with Multi-Vendor 4.3.6, the settings below are part of the Vendor commission add-on.

  • Include shipping cost in vendor commission—if you enable this setting, the cost of shipping the order is considered at vendor commission calculation.
  • Take payment surcharge from vendors—if you enable this setting, vendors will get entrusted to pay payment surcharges (see this article for details).